Angel Tree

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What: Angel Tree is a seasonal opportunity to assist under-resourced families during the holidays. Seniors and families, identified by Social Services, local schools, and church members, are asked to create gift wish lists. Each ‘angel’ represents a gift on a child’s or senior’s wish list. Our congregation shops for, wrap, and returns the angels in early December. Additionally, we collect food donations to create food boxes for each family or senior. Each of these food boxes not only supplies all the traditional holiday dinner items but also non-perishables basics to last well beyond the holiday. In addition to donating gifts and food, many volunteers are needed to help sort and pack.

Age Restriction: None

What to Bring:  Varies

Where: Ebenezer United Methodist Church

Time Commitment: mid-November through mid-December

Here’s how you can help:

Sponsor a Family Food Box

This year we are changing up the way we provide holiday food for our Angel Tree families, making the process easier for you and safer for all!  Angel Tree families and seniors will still receive two weeks’ worth of food, including the makings for a holiday dinner, but you don’t have to do the shopping! Simply sponsor a family with a one week ($25) or two weeks ($50) food box. Our volunteer elves will do the rest!


Gift Donations

Our Angel Tree donations for gifts are due back to church on Sunday, December 13. To sign up to donate, please use the button below.


Volunteer Food Shopper

Like to shop? We need you! This year instead of individuals donating food items, we are asking our generous congregation to sponsor food boxes for our Angel Tree families and seniors. We will then have a small team of volunteers shop for all the food items using a prepared list. You can shop wherever like, but we do love a bargain! All shopping will be completed December 7 – 11, 2020. You will be reimbursed for all items. Ready to shop? Sign up today!


Thank you for helping make this a special Christmas for some of our neighbors.


Did you know…

On November 13, Ebenezer Church kicks off one of our most popular outreach ministries. Because of your generosity, we continue to increase the number of families we serve each year. Last year, you donated more than 900 gifts.

The Angel Tree is one of Ebenezer Church’s longest-standing ministries, but did you know…

  • The Angel Tree program as it exists today grew out of a successful United Methodist Women’s ministry
  • Through our partnership with Social Services, we are one of a few organizations that requests wish lists for large families (five or more people)
  • Angel Tree ministry provides gifts to children and senior citizens
  • Each child on the list requests 4 gifts; two toys and two articles of clothing
  • Each senior citizen requests 2 gifts
  • Every family referred from Social Services and each senior on our Angel Tree list receives a box of food to feed their family for two weeks
  • Small groups can adopt a family
  • We support families referred from Social Services, McKendree Manor senior apartments, local schools, and Brain Builder program. Additionally, we provide gifts for S.E.R.V.E.’s teen gift program.
  • Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, we’ve received skateboards wrapped with the wheels exposed and a lacrosse stick wrapped, well…in the shape of a lacrosse stick. It’s fun to shop for unique requests.


Gift Suggestions

You may find these suggestions helpful if your Angel Tree request is for an age-appropriate toy. If your Angel has a specific request, please purchase that item.