IT/Audiovisual Support

Ebenezer Church   -  

Audio Engineer

Support worship services and other events through the mixing of audio on digital audio consoles.  Training is provided. Previous mixing experience, the ability to visualize signal paths, comfortable with computers, and understanding of music are helpful.

Camera Operator

Supports worship services and other events through the operation of video cameras. Training is provided. Requires long periods of standing.

IT Support

Provide technical assistance to troubleshoot database performance issues and help write reports. Knowledge of SQL reporting, custom reporting, and database design are desirable.

Technical Director

Trained camera operators are needed to support live stream broadcast on Sunday. Requires operating knowledge of video switching technology.

Visuals Operator

Support worship services and other events through the display of visual elements on screens (slides, lyrics, videos, etc). Must be comfortable with computers. Training is provided. The time commitment is 3 hours each Sunday worked.



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