4th Saturday Meals

Ebenezer Church   -  

Although Micah clients cannot gather for a large community meal like we normally serve each month, Micah is still committed to providing healthy meals each day – delivered to the motels where clients are being temporarily housed during the pandemic. They have asked us to cover our usual day, the 4th Saturday of the month, throughout the summer.

So, what does serving this meal look like in the time of COVID-19? Different, that is for sure! We need a team of four to six people to meet at 2:00 PM at Ebenezer to prepare the food (the usual menu of chicken, potatoes, green beans, etc.) in the main kitchen. The second team of volunteers (six people, two per car) will pick up the individually packaged meals at 4:00 PM and deliver them to the three local motels at 5:00 PM. A list of clients will be provided and a Micah staff member will let them expect us.

Use the sign-up button below to volunteer for upcoming 4th Saturday Meals.


What: A small team of volunteers prep, cook, serve, and clean up a healthy dinner for approximately 80 guests.

Prep, Cook and Set Up: No special skills needed, no culinary requirements! All supplies are brought by the program leaders, volunteers only need to show up ready to work. Once the room is set and the meal is prepared, another group of volunteers comes in to serve and clean up.

Serve and Clean Up: Dinner is served restaurant-style. We also breakdown the dining room at the conclusion of the meal. All supplies are brought by the program leaders, volunteers only need to show up ready to work. We have jobs for all skill and comfort levels.

Age Restriction:  Most of our volunteers are over 10 years old. However, if you feel your younger child is capable of helping prepare a meal at home-they are welcome here!

Where: Fredericksburg United Methodist Church

Time Commitment: We have two shifts for the 4th Saturday Meals:  Prep, Cook and Set Up (1:00 PM-3:00 PM) or Serve and Clean Up (3:15 PM Start Time).