Lunch and Learn: Moving Mom ….and Me

August 20 12:00 - 2:00pm

Lunch and Learn: Moving Mom…and Me – Cost $5

Caregivers often call and say that their mother or father “have to move closer” The Caregiver says they can’t keep “driving up and down the road to help their loved one”. My question is always, “what does your loved one want?” Most of the time the answer is, that person doesn’t want to move!

So, what does it look like to have your loved one Age in Place? What would it take to help your loved one move into a care facility in her home town or to move closer to family?

What does the normal aging process look like, verses early dementia and other degenerative diseases? What are the signs that something really needs to be done, that mother is not safe at home anymore? What impact does moving our loved ones nearer to us have on our lives?

There is no single answer that fits every families unique, personal story. The journey of aging is as individualized as each of us are. But there are some guidelines that we will talk about and options to consider as we spend time together, time talking about “Moving Mom, be it downstairs, across town or across the states.”