Growing With Parenting Class

February 2, 12:30 pm - March 8 - 1:45 pm

Calling parents of tweens and teens. We know how scary and exciting the middle school and high school years can be. One moment our children want and need us around, for support and encouragement. The next moment, they seem to be pushing us away while trying to establish more independence.

Parenting approaches that worked one year prior, no longer work or foster connection. This push and pull, it turns out, it a natural part of our children’s development. Nonetheless, it can be a scary time for both parent and child.

Starting February 2, Ebenezer will be offering a free 6-week parenting class called Growing With that will meeting Sundays from 12:30-1:45 PM.

We will discuss how to grow with our children and stay connected in meaningful ways while also encouraging our children to grow in their own God-given identity.

Register by January 31 using the button below.

You will need to purchase the book, Growing With by Kara Powell, before the class begins. Here is a link.

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Growing With Book Trailer from Fuller Youth Institute on Vimeo.