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Small Group Spotlight | Fuel For Men

Tell Us About Your Group
Fuel for Men is a weekly Bible study for men ages 20-70 who meet most every Tuesday for a meal and fellowship at 7:00 pm, which is followed by an hour-long Bible (video) study, group discussion, and prayers. We meet on the 2nd floor of the Ministry Center and our average attendance is between 15 to 25 men.

What are you studying?
We just completed our last series on How to Read the Bible, which corresponded to the Bible 101 sermon series, and we started an 8-week study by Andy Stanley called Starting Point. This study examines how our faith journeys begin and how our faith as an adult compares to the faith we had as a child.

What is unique about your group?
We’ve developed a very brotherly bond and trust for one another. We always take time to pray for each other’s needs and the needs of Ebenezer. We ask any new members to respect our only ground rule of protecting the privacy of all discussions. Whatever is said in the room, stays in the room.

Why would someone want to join your group?
It’s all about growing our relationships, both with the Lord and with each other. We’re a great group for a man who wants to grow in his faith and develop friendships with other Ebenezer men.

What one word describes your group?
Enlightening. Our Bible studies always seem to uncover a truth or thought-provoking aspect of scripture we can apply to our lives. We don’t always agree on the meaning of any particular story, passage, or question but the dialog is always respectful and spiritually inspired. Indeed, the Holy Spirit seems to be mysteriously engaged!

How is God working in your group?
Like many others, several men in our group are dealing with very painful or tragic situations such as an accident, illness, or the death of a friend or family member. Others have struggled with strained relationships at home or difficult circumstances in the workplace. Our Bible studies have a way of placing these challenges into perspective. Group members always seem to step up for each other whether through prayer or just by being a confidant for someone who is suffering.

Describe your group’s personality.
Fuel for Men is an amazing and diverse (intergenerational) group of Christians who love God and their neighbor and who have a desire to study the gospel, grow their faith, and glorify God. Anyone is welcome to join our group that literally and spiritually fuels men’s souls!