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**Note: We will not meet on Saturday, June 4. Please join us the following week on Saturday, June 11.**

Are you new to the area and looking for pick-up soccer games? Maybe you used to play soccer, but have stopped as you’ve gotten older. Or perhaps you’ve never played, but have spent lots of time watching your children play and thought, “I’d like to learn that sport.”

Whatever the case, we invite you to join us for Futsal (a form of indoor soccer) here at Ebenezer. Futsal is soccer that can be played on a basketball court with a futsal ball. Teams are made up of four field players and a goalie. We meet in the Gym on Saturday evenings at 6:00 PM and play until 8:30 PM. You can wear indoor soccer shoes or regular tennis shoes. Shin guards are not required.

Please note: This is a coed adult group. High school students may participate if their parents are also playing.

Questions? Please use the form below.