Gardening For Good At Ebenezer Acre

Jackie Brence   -  

Chances are, when you think about Ebenezer Acre, you think about potatoes. It might surprise you to learn that more than 250 pounds of everything but potatoes were harvested at Ebenezer Acre this week. A wide variety of fresh produce, including cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, and basil were picked, loaded, and delivered to S.E.R.V.E. by volunteers of all ages.

And they’re not done yet.

Stan and Linda Duvall have hosted Ebenezer Acre on their farm for many years, but after potato bugs destroyed most of the crop in 2020, Linda was hesitant to try again.

“I was not going to do Ebenezer Acre this year because I thought perhaps this little mission had run its course and maybe it was time to let it drift away,” she explained. “Early this spring, however, people started asking about the garden, so I thought maybe we should give it another try.”

“Mark Greggs said he was on board, so we moved forward. Jimmy Lambert touched base with S.E.R.VE. to ensure they would take the fresh vegetables, and they were thrilled,” Linda said. “Plowing, tilling, preparation of the garden, and fertilizer were donated. Over 500 vegetable plants, corn, and pumpkin seeds were donated. On top of that, Stafford High School gave us several hundred plants that were left over from their plant sale.”

Volunteer gardeners who did the hard work of planting back in May were especially gratified to see the fruits of their labor this week.

“We planted the seeds so many weeks ago and now look!” said Crissy Sharon, gesturing at the rows of ripening crops. “It’s amazing what we can do to help other people.”

“We’re having some challenges from a groundhog or two and lots of deer, but so far, we have lots to share,” Mark said.

Ebenezer high school students are serving in the garden on Tuesday evenings, but volunteers are still needed to help with the harvest on Saturday mornings throughout the summer. No experience is necessary, and all tools and equipment are provided. Sign up for a shift here and be part of this grassroots effort to love and serve our community.

“I know there are people in our church who want to help feed those in need in Stafford,” Linda said. “This is their chance to have a direct impact.”