Jeff Harrison   -  

In this last installment of the Leadership Highlighted sermon series, we look at the Leadership of Peter, one of the disciples of Jesus Christ. Peter is an uncharacteristic leader, but he is one of the most talked about disciple in all of the New Testament. In this sermon, we recognize that Christian Leaders are flawed, and even amid our flaws God calls us to be faithful.  As Christian Leaders—we follow Christ, and Lead others to Christ. Much like Peter, God can use our lives to do great things! So yes, we may be flawed, God calls us to be faithful, and in that God will use us to be fruitful in the kingdom work that we have been called to. It’s not about our ability, but it’s all about what God does in, with, and through us. Christian Leaders are flawed, but called to be faithful, so that we can be fruitful for the Kingdom!