Focus 2025

Focus 2025 is our long-range vision as a church, guiding us to live into our mission statement together. As we met with community leaders this year, several primary concerns rose to the top. We have grouped those in four focus teams that are drafting actionable items and budgets.

Online Engagement

This team is working to improve engagement with our online community, through the Ebenezer website, social media accounts, and Church Online congregation. Click the button to find us online.

Mental Health Engagement

In addition to the expansion of our existing counseling services, this team is identifying other ways to assist members of our congregation and community in this important area. Click the button to learn more about counseling at Ebenezer.

Neighborhood Engagement

This team’s goal is to have a microchurch or small group in every neighborhood in our community. Working with the Love Your Neighbor Network, they are identifying ways to expand our discipleship model to spread the Word. Pastor Donovan Archie leads the Love Your Neighbor Network. Learn more about this ministry or contact Pastor Donovan using the buttons.

Idea Bank

This team is developing a bank of ideas and needs that small groups and others can adopt to provide service opportunities within the community.

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