Who We Are

We are a collection of microchurches seeking to live out our faith in increasingly contextual ways. Our microchurches gather for worship, discipleship, and service in our homes, neighborhoods, cafes, and even places of work.

The Love Your Neighbor Network exists primarily to equip, empower, and unleash mircochurch leaders to follow God’s call on their lives as they seek to put flesh on the Gospel in the places and spaces where they are already doing life.

The Love Your Neighbor Network, as a collection of smaller expressions, will also gather monthly as a larger group for worship, communion, and baptisms. Monthly communal worship will be a time for microchurches to come together in prayer, praise, lament, and worship. Monthly gatherings will foster community among the microchurches and provide a space for connection and shared learning.

When people are no longer coming to church, the call of disciples is to bring church and be church where people are already doing life.

What We Believe

We affirm the ancient creeds of the Christian faith, to include the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed.

We believe Jesus was serious when gave us the Great Commandments and the Great Commission, and that the church has often fallen short of living into these callings.

We believe the church belongs to Jesus and that it is God’s vehicle in this world for unity, mission, purpose, and hope.

We believe that every human being is created in the image of God and has been created to live in whole relationship with God, one another, and all of creation.

We believe you are loved more than you could possibly know.


Join us for monthly worship services and other events throughout the Love Your Neighbor Network.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a microchurch?

A microchurch is exactly what it sounds like: a smaller expression of church. All microchurches will have at least three components: worship, discipleship, and commitment to service. Worship may be streamed or created organically in the group. Microchurches may exist in homes, neighborhoods, around the dinner table, in workplaces, cafes, gyms, and other natural gathering spaces outside of the traditional church building. The early church found in Acts provides our biblical basis.

What is a fresh expression?

We are choosing to define a fresh expression as any regularly scheduled activity, event, or gathering that incorporates at least one element of discipleship, such as prayer or scripture reading, and also includes an invitational component to deeper relationship. Fresh expressions organize around a shared activity such as: frisbee, kickball, walking, darts, boating, bowling, game night, gaming, yoga, coffee, or simply work or community relationships. You tell us what your “thing” is and we will help equip you to add a discipleship component to it.

How is this different from a small group?

Most small groups meet weekly for Bible study, book discussion, or some other type of study. While Bible study is definitely one aspect of discipleship, it would not generally meet the minimum definition of “church” by itself. Microchurches will have, at minimum, a weekly worship component, a discipleship or fellowship component, and a commitment to serving God and each other. Microchurches are smaller expressions of church.

Why is this model of church needed?

Research and statistics are clear about the ability of our current church structures and models to attract and form new disciples. The old adage of “build it and they will come” worked for many decades in America. However, the church is no longer at the center of society. More and more people are less and less familiar with the basic tenets of the Christian faith and why they matter in our lives and in the world. Ask yourself this: Of the ten neighbors closest to you, how many are actively involved in a faith community? How many would come with you to church if you invited them? Now, how many neighbors might join you for a backyard barbecue? How might God use that barbecue to begin to develop relationships that are mutually transforming? You see, the church never dies. We just might need fresh eyes and fresh approaches to being the church.

Do microchurches have to meet on Sunday?

No. Microchurches can meet for worship at a day or time that works for the group. They can use our streamed worship service or be provided with the resources to develop their own worship service.

Is training provided?

Yes. We are in the midst of developing orientation and training for those interested in standing up or being part of a microchurch or fresh expression. New leaders will also be paired with a mentor who will work closely with them to develop an exciting but manageable plan for their specific context.

Contact Us

For more information about the Love Your Neighbor Network, please contact Pastor Donovan Archie using the button below.