Drawing Close
Rob Lough   -  

69% of people in a recent survey said they need to spend more time in communion with God. 7 out of 10. We based this series on a book called simple life. 9 of 10 surveyed for the book thought creating spiritual foundation in their family was important. 8 of 10 said it was important to base their lives on Biblical principles. 8 of 10 also said it was critical to provide spiritual leadership in their families. In short, the single greatest weakness in the lives of the thousand people surveyed was their connection with God. Why is it important to nurture this relationship? There are many answers. Let’s try this one. Connecting with God is the only way to live a life filled with joy. Today we look at four steps: Clarity, Movement, Alignment and Focus to help us go from where we are to where we would like to be in the way we connect with God.