Stafford Hope People who need support during the defining moments of their life are encouraged to attend one of our Stafford Hope meetings. All meetings are free and KidzCare is provided. Groups begin meeting on Feb. 9 and are open to the public.

Check out the offerings below; details are available online at or use the button below.

DivorceCare helps people heal from the hurt of separation and divorce. Questions? Email [email protected]

DivorceCare for Kids provides a safe environment for children to share their own struggles and learn skills to help them cope with their family’s changes. Questions? Email [email protected]

Domestic Violence Awareness helps women and men recognize, and safely respond to, signs and symptoms of domestic violence. Questions? Email [email protected]

Exceptional Family Member Support Group is designed to foster support and care for the families of people with special needs by sharing resources, stories, and struggles. Questions? Email [email protected]

GriefShare is designed to help those who are experiencing grief from the loss of a loved one. Questions? Email [email protected]

Nar-Anon exists to support family and friends of narcotic abusers. The primary focus is to help family members heal from the hurt caused by the addicts in their lives. Questions? Email [email protected]

Narcotics Anonymous creates space for women and men who wrestle with drug addiction to find strength, healing, accountability, and community. Questions? Email [email protected].

Reboot Combat Recovery is designed for military members and their families who have encountered Post Traumatic Stress as a result of their service and sacrifice. Questions? Send an email to [email protected]