Meet Our Team

Our Team

Rob Lough

Senior Pastor

Mark Montgomery

Associate Pastor

B.J. Priest

Executive Director

Jen Shoup

Pastors' Administrative Assistant

Allan Paquette

Director of Worship

Chrissy Leathers

Director of Connections

Keith Priest

Christian Counselor

Shari Parsons

Director of Children’s Ministries

Donna Kenkel

Director of Ebenezer Preschool

Alana Lynch

Assistant Director of Ebenezer Preschool

Crissy Sharon

Director of KidzCare

Michelle Paquette

Director of Student Ministries

Tina DeBoeser

Director of Missions and Outreach

Vicki Stones

Director of Empty Nest and Older Adult Ministry

James Mills

Director of Technology

Michelle Joyner

Director of Communications

Brandy Willetts

Graphic & Web Designer

Dana Czzowitz

Office Manager

Ellis Cain


Lisa McKenzie


Pat McGuckin

Financial Manager

Julie Todd

Finance Assistant

Sandy Lytle

Property Manager

Bob Lagerlef

Assistant Property Manager

Preschool Staff

Donna Kenkel

Director of Ebenezer Preschool

Nadine Rottner & Alana Lynch

Finance Manager & Assistant Director

Kim Bignell & Kelli Julian

Busy Bees & Honey Bees

Missy Boyd & Lynda Rodrick

Curious Cubs & Playful Penguins

Molly Emerson & Marvona Poff

Dynamic Dogs

Michele Potter & Katie Pack

Fabulous Fish & Terrific Turtles

Monica Carolan & Donna Bakum

Fantastic Frogs

Teresa Cole & Lara Daas

Gentle Giraffes

Ashley Fendt & Brooke Yount

Lively Lions

Brooke Yount & Danielle Roche

Marvelous Monkeys

Nadine Rottner & Rachael Camden

Outstanding Owls

Meredith Wiktor & Samantha DiCola

Friendly Foxes

Amy Christianson

Music Teacher

Julie Leathers

Office Assistant